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The new Pogies Fire are the results of a long development on the most extreme conditions. The shape has been totally revised in order to improve both the comfort and the use experience.

The special cut create a cylindrical shape on the terminal part of the pogie, in this way it will be easier for you to put your hands inside.

The velcro opening allows you to easily position the knobs on any type of shaft.

A 2mm Mesh neoprene it is used, a material that facilitates the sliding of water, leaving the pogie light and dry.

Moreover this material is performant where windy days are involved, preventing your hands to get cold even during very long paddling sessions.

And if that is still not enough a 0.5 thermo neoprene has been added on the frontal portion/part of the pogie, increasing even more the comfort and the thermal properties of the product.

The Fire are the perfect ally for your winter session, even for those who suffer the cold most.


  • 2mm MESH Neoprene
  • 5 Thermo Neoprene
  • Ergonomic cut
  • One size fit all


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