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T-ZIP Storage, Cleaning & Maintenance

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T-ZIP Storage, Cleaning & Maintenance


With its robust and flexible design, the multifunctional TIZIP® MasterSeal 10 offers a pressure resistance of 500 mbar. The zipper’s plastic teeth are attached to the front and back side of a durable, polyurethane-coated tape. As with the TIZIP® MasterSeal 6, the MasterSeal 10’s waterproof and pressure-resistant properties are secured by the pressing together of the sealing lip across the interlocking elements. The TIZIP® MasterSeal 10 is opened and closed with a saltwater-resistant metal slider. The zipper’s outstanding properties make it uniquely suitable for a full range of demanding applications. Optional you can add a reinforcement tape on the bottom end, named Q-Strap. The Q-Strap prevents over stressing of the zipper when open.




• Store TIZIP® zippers properly lubricated and with slider completely
• Take care not to bend zippers for storage purposes. Storage in a bent or
opened position for long periods may cause deformation. Deformation
can limit sealing performance.
• Keep the zippers clean and dry during storage.
• Avoid storing the zippers in excessively hot and humid environments.



• The docking end of closed TIZIP® MasterSeal zippers must be lubricated
from time to time (e.g. before/after extended storage or use). Periodic
lubrication is crucial to the performance of our zippers.
• Please clean the zipper before.
• We recommend using a fine brush, as well as a mild detergent and water
to clean all of our TIZIP® zippers.
• Do not use solvents or aggressive detergents, as doing so may
compromise zipper functionality.
• Debris caught between the teeth or coils of our zippers will affect
functionality and limiting sealing performance.
• Carefully apply lubricant to both front and back of docking end surfaces.
• Do not apply lubricant to zipper chain.
• Please use the originally supplied TIZIP® Lubricant or comparable product.
• Excessive lubricant may stain fabric!

• Operate slider slowly when opening/closing the zipper. Pulling at an
angle may damage the zipper and limiting performance.
• Avoid over stretching (pulling two sides of the zipper apart). This may
damage the slider and/or bottom stop.
• Folding or crushing the zipper may cause damage and reduce
waterproof performance.
• Slider must be completely docked/closed. Failure to completely dock/

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